The Beverley Herd

The Beverley Herd of Lincoln Reds

Our family has been farming Lincoln Red cattle near Spilsby in Lincolnshire for over 100 years. We own around 80 cows that are primarily grass fed and only housed when they come in for calving in the winter. We aim to produce commercially desirable stock whilst maintaining the wonderful characteristics of the breed.

We now have semen from one of our excellent stock bulls available to export worldwide.

Lincoln Reds are an ancient breed native to the UK. Originally they were a dual purpose breed used for milk and meat production. This heritage has left the cows with the advantage of a plentiful milk supply for their calves. This is likely to be one of the reasons behind the fast finishing ability of the Lincoln Red breed. Other notable traits of the modern Lincoln Red breed are their cherry red coats, easy calving, hardiness and calm temperament.

Lincoln Red cattle are an increasingly popular breed.

  • They are popular with farmers due to their docile temperaments, their ability to finish quickly, and produce a quality carcass even on a forage based diet.
  • They are popular with butchers and restaurants, as being able to advertise a rare breed on the menu, increases demand and can warrant a premium.
  • They are popular with consumers as it is widely known that beef with marbled fat, such as the Lincoln Red produces, has a much superior flavour.
  • There is an increasing demand for grass fed beef, a system that the Lincoln Red is well suited to.

Lincoln Reds are a breed that can please everyone.

The Beverley Herd

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